Greetings from Tyler,

There’s only one story this week, and you know what that is.  All other news is either not happening or unimportant as the media obsesses, hour after hour, day after day.  Most mainstream outlets are outraged that gun control, which they imply could have prevented the Florida school massacre, hasn’t been enacted into law despite the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  One commentator called it the Constitutional Suicide Pact.

As the nation mourns the senseless killings of innocent students and faculty in Broward County, the press conferences, the interviews with witnesses and students have made one thing has become abundantly clear.  Dozens of people knew this kid, Nicholas de Jesus Cruz, was out of control.  He was brandishing weapons, wearing masks, talking “Allahu Akbar” all over social media.  He’d even expressed his intention to be a “professional school shooter,” and the F. B. I. had been notified!  But they weren’t sure they had the identity nailed down, so….  One girl, a student at the high school, said she “actually knew the shooter” because she’d been a friend of his half-brother who said he sat in his room practicing loading magazines into rifles, working the actions, dry-firing guns all the time.  The noise coming from his room was constant.  Everybody who knew this kid, or knew of him, knew he was a danger.

Now we hear the F. B. I. was notified a second time, with no confusion about the little freak’s identity or his location, and still did nothing.  Local Police had been called to his home dozens of times in recent years.  The kid was a local legend, and all said he was “a little off.”

Progressives scoff at the idea of armed security at schools.  Why, that would turn schools into “armed camps,” and then, who knows how bad things could get?  No, clearly in the minds of concerned anchors and commentators everywhere, the problem is GUN violence.  CNN decided they’d impose a rule at long last, no more mention of the names of mass murderers.  How convenient!  They sure didn’t mind the name Steven Paddock when it came to the Las Vegas massacre.  He was a middle aged white guy, and they couldn’t say his name or display his likeness often enough.  But the Hispanic kid, expelled from school, full of hatred, cavorting around brandishing guns and knives on social media bragging that he wanted to shoot people, it just wouldn’t be wise to mention his name.  Besides, it’s not about him, it’s about “common sense gun safety,” and the fact that the Trump administration has allowed, if not caused this massacre.  That’s their angle, and their sticking to it.

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