Greetings from Tyler,

The snap election in England called by Theresa May has resulted in a weak victory, insufficient to form a governing majority in Parliament. Media reports are treating it as a block-buster defeat for conservatism and linking disappointing performance to her apparent cooperation with President Donald Trump. It is interesting to note that she held the position of Home Secretary which dealt with immigration, illegal immigrants and the responsibility to manage the processing of the massive influx of “refugees” prior to the so called “Brexit” referendum which saw David Cameron resign and Theresa May ascend to the position of Prime Minister. She’s also come under criticism for having significantly reduced the number of policemen in her former position.

While she may be held at least partially responsible for the un-assimilated masses of Muslim refugees amid the recent attacks in London and Manchester, she had on many occasions come under withering attack from other government officials for trying to limit the influx of refugees, for being heartless in her attempts to deport foreigners preaching jihad, and for creating a “hostile atmosphere” when she approved an advertising campaign telling illegal immigrants to go home or face arrest.

As you’ve heard by now, her lackluster electoral win will require her “Conservative” party to partner with one of the smaller parties in order to form a majority in Parliament. She received approval from Queen Elisabeth to pursue that course. All this comes prior to the negotiation of terms that will govern Britain’s separation from the European Union, which may give her diminished leverage in what will be a very contentious divorce.

Here at home, the fired former F. B. I. Director Comey just concluded testimony that was chocked full of bombshells. Most of them were about how he “felt” or what he perceived to be going on, “although I could be wrong.” It boils down to the fact that he admittedly leaked a memo he’d created to the New York Times to correct false impressions made by the President and the Department of Justice that he felt had defamed him. This thing played like an episode of As the World Turns…

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