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Greetings from Tyler,

A great many, including and perhaps especially conservatives, appear to be on the brink of a nervous breakdown over Donald Trump’s victory in the primary elections.  Some are absolutely convinced that he’ll run roughshod over the Constitution, rule like a dictator and use the power of government to punish political enemies.  There are definitely some examples of petty and perhaps ruthless actions taken during the decades building his real estate empire.  Many respected leaders have gone on the record to sabotage his chances of being elected as President, and documentaries are planned to expose some of the worst examples of his behavior.

Mr. Trump’s speeches and rallies seem to have staked out positions both ultra-conservative and ultra-liberal, from the promised border wall to government sponsored health care.  His presumptive opponent, Hillary Clinton has campaigned on the record of Barack Obama in hopes of carrying the same demographics that propelled him into office twice.  Needless to say, she’s got a closet full of aging skeletons in addition to some pretty serious legal problems that have yet to be resolved.  We’ll sum it up by saying that this will be one of the most contentious, volatile elections we’ve ever experienced.

London, England has just elected the city’s first Muslim Mayor.  That should be a lesson that the world can learn from in terms of western democracies allowing demographics to be altered to the point that foreign immigrants actually have the voting power to swing the results of elections.  The immigrant constituency is already a major factor in nearly every race, and given current trends may ultimately become the deciding factor.

In recent weeks and months we’ve watched European sentiment change toward the vast streams of Muslim immigrants.  Local and regional elections have seen formerly insignificant anti-immigration parties grow in popularity while anger has risen against the established parties and entrenched leadership.  Two weeks ago we highlighted one such election in Austria. It looks likely that this phenomenon will further imperil an already beleaguered European Union, deep in debt and rapidly losing popular support.


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